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Manufacturer: Bollinger

Biometric Access Control solution based on recognition
of the finger's vascular system


A revolutionary biometric recognition access control, Biovein integrates a very new technology : the recognition of the finger vascular system.
No contact, no badge, Biovein respects individual freedoms
and provides a perfect hygiene.
Fully adjustable, Biovein opens a new utilization field
of biometrics to companies.

General Description :


Leading-edge technology
A technology without trace.
Recognizes the only infalsifiable body sign  known today : the finger's vascular system.
Up to 1000 identifiers and more than 10 000 recorded events.
Runs on standalone or centralized mode.
Built in LCD display and programming keyboard.


Full legality
This biometric technology is qualified by the CNIL as a biometric "without trace" and offers a guarantee of full respect of personal data, a simplified declaration of consent is sufficient.
BIOVEIN never allows to obtain a biometric data unbeknown to the person and complies in all points everyone's freedom.

With simplicity
First advanced system for analyzing the digital vascular image.
•Move the finger in front of the Hitachi infrared sensor
•In less than 2 seconds,
BIOVEIN allows or denies access to the site according to the rights granted to the user.