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Manufacturer: Bollinger
Scalable standalone management access station
2 multi-technologies readers
Listening to the businesses needs, Eden offers a standalone management station with display screen which facilitates the access management and can easily move to centralized management modes.
Without computer and whatever identifier, Genius by Eden brings a powerful and affordable solution, ideal for SME-SMI

General Description :


Easy autonomous management and programming
via keyboard/LCD display
• Up to 10.000 users
• History of 10.000 events via display
Allows the choice of identification technology
among all those in the market.
Can grow to meet your requirements for standalone management, to multi site, management of 1000's of doors
Keeping your initial investment value.
Different optional communication modules,
plug-in or external.
Copy/paste function for programming via slot-in and removable memory module

Adaptable to all firms configurations and their evolution.

Features :

3 management and programming modes
• Programming via keyboard/LCD display on front panel
• Web Server via optional MOD-TCP/IP or MOD-WIFI plug-in modules
Online or Stand Alone (Off-line)
• POCKET PC via BLUETOOTH MOD-BTFX optional plug-in module
Centralized On-line
• Bus RS485-1200m of 32 stations via PC software (20 possible bus)
via C485-FX interface
• Network Ethernet LAN, WAN, ADSL, VPN via MOD-TCP-IP - MOD-WIFI optional plug-in modules or COMETE-FX® external
• SENATOR PC-FX® management software
Various optional communication modules are slot-in in the station
or externally

• MOD-USB, direct USB2 link via PC
• MOD-TCP/IP, Ethernet network link
• WiFi-MOD, with built in Web Server
• MOD-BTFX, Bluetooth link to PDA with Windows
• C485-FX® external interface for 32 stations on RS485 Bus
• COMETE-FX® external interface for Ethernet network link via RS485 bus of 32 stations

Functional specifications :

Standalone Mode

• Freedom of choice between 1 input/output access or 2 input access only
• Up to 10 000 users with name/first name internally stored
• 2 multi-technologies readers : 125KHz contact less proximity DALLAS chip, bar code, magnetic, etc.
• 10 000 events stored on plug-in flash memory module
• 32 access groups, 64 time slots with 10 ranges per day, 32 periods of holiday or special days
• Start/end date and hours for users
• "Access free" function
• Temporary and local Anti-pass back
• Summer/Winter hours change
• "Copy/paste" function for programming via plug-in memory : possible to transfer settings from a station to others via flash memory plug-in.
• Intuitive programming via keypad/LCD display in front panel
• Move toward centralized management via RS485 native Bus or Ethernet network with optional module

Centralized mode

• Configuration through SENATOR-FX® centralized PC management software
• Same functions as standalone mode :
+ Management visitor with "accompanist/accompanied" badge
+ Crossing credit
+ Access Management badge only, code only or badge + code
+ "warning badge" function for third servo system
+ Transit time
+ 32 counters for count /count down management
+ 32 internal macros with scenarios 4 conditions (and/or) 2 actions
+ 1024 access groups
+ 3 access profiles per badge and readers for crisis state management

Technical specifications :

Wiegand readers protocols (128 bits) and Clock/Data (128 characters) with site/distributor code management with automatic learning.

Inputs / Outputs :

- 11 programmable inputs NO/NF
- 3 CRT relay outputs (pulse, bi-stable)
- 3 solid state output (pulse, bistable)
- RS485 Bus to centralize 32 stations via PC with the On-line managing software
- Secondary RS485 Bus :
- 5 modules INFX2 with10 inputs
- 5 modules CRT OUTFX2 with10 relay
- 2 "drive plates" INT-NPP interfaces
- 2 biometric readers SOLO OR SOLO3000 BIOVEIN
- Package self-protected opening/tearing
- Power supply 12Vdc -- Consumption 300mA
- Dimensions : 175mn x 105mn x 56mn
- Operating temperature: -20 °C to +50 °C