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1KOLOSS 60 - 120

Manufacturer: Bollinger

The KOLOSS  Barrier gate has the following general features;


HEAVY DUTY BARRIER FOR VEHICLE TRAFFIC ONLY. Boom lengths of up to 12M make the KOLOSS the barrier of choice for Mining and Transportaion Companies where heavy traffic made up of Large Vehicles are the norm.

The housings of all ELKA barriers are made of aluminiumand are powder coated - 10
years warranty against corrosion perforation.

From a small parking lot to a multi storey car parkwith highest frequency -ELKA-barriers are the rightchoice. The duty cycle is 100%.

The pre-wired terminal row has two sockets for loop detectors(1x1-channel plus 1x2-channel).
The connection of components like photo cells, switches, desktoppanels, and traffic lights is
easy to accomplish.

Elka Barriers have models to suit intensive operations for opening between 2.5m upto 12m.

ELKA-barriers fit everywhere.Up to 4,000mm boom lengththey are left/right connectable.The larger barriers starting with 5,000mm boom lengthhave a centrally mounted boom.

Designed to be vandal resistant with sacrificial componets designed to protect major components.

Built in Safety Features. With all ELKA-barriers for car parks, entrances, andi ndustry a permanent closingforce control can be programmed. When the barrier boom hits an obstacle, it reverses and reopens.

The barrier controller MO 63 is exetremely reliable. Nearly wear-free. TRIACS protect the motor relays - a prerequisite for barriers designed to operate for millions of cycles.

To make an equiry, please download the catalogue, select the model/s that suit your requirement and email




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