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Manufacturer: EMX

The ULTRALOOP™ Series Vehicle Loop Detectors combine small size with full-featured functionality in a DIN rail mount module.

The ULTRALOOP ULT-DIN loop detector model has our new DETECT-ON-STOP™ or (DOS) feature, which allows detection only when a vehicle has come to a complete stop on the loop. This exclusive feature is unique to EMX, and is a major advantage if you want to ignore cross traffic in tight spaces. Vehicle Loop Detector Ultraloop-ULT-DIN

       Benefits include:

  • Easy set up and installation by selecting the correct sensitivity on the ULTRAMETER™ sensitivity display.
  • Easy identification of interference problems using the Cross Talk and RFI interference display
  • Fits in to small operator housings, saving space.
  • 10 sensitivity settings - gives the user the ability to select the best sensitivity level
  • Low current draw - green product
  • ignore cross traffic in tight spaces with DETECT-ON-STOP™ feature.